Emergency Management Planning

Development, coordination & implementation of tailored emergency management programs.

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Emergency Management Training

Design & delivery of training programs to ensure relevant personnel have skills & confidence to respond to emergency situations.

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Nationally Recognised Training

Design & delivery of nationally recognised emergency management & safety training programs for a broad range of emergency response situations.

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Easy to use web-platform to manage & record critical emergency management information & data.

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TrimONLINE | Web Based Emergency Planning and Management Online Emergency Reporting and Management


Web-Based Emergency Planning & Management


"A powerful portfolio management tool for emergency planning"


TrimONLINE is a comprehensive web-based management system for Emergency Planning and Management for multi-building portfolios.


TrimONLINE is designed for organisations that manage multiple buildings and need to coordinate, track and monitor emergency planning actions and programs.


The value and power of the TrimONLINE system is that it is web-based. It allows recording, analysis and reporting of compliance and emergency management data across a group of sites, regions, states or nationally.


Click here to access our TrimONLINE site.


Key features of the TrimONLINE system include:

  • Online management of portfolio emergency training records and schedules

  • Ready access to emergency management information is an important requirement, especially where training records are involved. TrimONLINE keeps this information such as emergency manuals, plans, warden lists etc. at your fingertips

  • Warden details can be readily updated online, thereby ensuring facility warden lists are always kept up to date and accessible

  • Information security is vital. TrimONLINE provides secure (encrypted) password access to site or portfolio specific records in relation to schedules, reference material, registers and reports. Access hierarchy can be established enabling selective access to authorised personnel, providing information for any, or all sites listed within a portfolio

  • Gives immediate access to current site, portfolio and board level summary reports

  • Archiving issues are solved as reports, training records, manuals and evacuation plans are all electronically filed. The need for inefficient paper based archiving systems is no longer required


Key features: Online Reporting and Management


Emergency Procedures

Access to the current Emergency Procedures Manual for any site in the portfolio. An electronic copy can be readily issued to new tenants.


Evacuation Plans

Evacuation plans are available for each site in the portfolio  in PDF format.


Training Reports

Training schedules and session reports are easily accessed, keeping the Property Manager up to date. TrimONLINE is interactive allowing property managers to enter details of new tenants or wardens.