Emergency Management Planning

Development, coordination & implementation of tailored emergency management programs.

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Emergency Management Training

Design & delivery of training programs to ensure relevant personnel have skills & confidence to respond to emergency situations.

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Nationally Recognised Training

Design & delivery of nationally recognised emergency management & safety training programs for a broad range of emergency response situations.

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Easy to use web-platform to manage & record critical emergency management information & data.

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Nationally Recognised Training

We deliver training to individuals, teams, supervisors and management who are involved in the control of risks as part of their work duties. All skills-based training is delivered in a safe, realistic, simulated environment, using equipment and procedures similar to those used in the workplace.


Trimevac is dedicated to assisting participants achieve the required training competency standards. If a participant, client or student requires supplementary learning to complete training competencies on our scope of registration, including additional learning in Language, Literacy or Numeracy areas, Trimevac is committed to making every effort to ensure the person can achieve training competency through our internal support processes. Where we cannot assist a participant, we will refer them, where possible, to an agency that can assist with the individual’s specific needs and unique learning experiences.
Persons who require support for language, literacy or numeracy or any other area of learning development are encouraged to contact Trimevac.