Emergency Management Planning

Development, coordination & implementation of tailored emergency management programs.

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Emergency Management Training

Design & delivery of training programs to ensure relevant personnel have skills & confidence to respond to emergency situations.

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Nationally Recognised Training

Design & delivery of nationally recognised emergency management & safety training programs for a broad range of emergency response situations.

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Easy to use web-platform to manage & record critical emergency management information & data.

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Emergency Evacuation Plan | Emergency Management Planning

Emergency Management Planning

Building owners, property managers, employers and lessors have important obligations to plan, implement and monitor systems to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of an emergency.

Using our experienced resources and technical expertise TRIMEVAC develop effective emergency management programs to meet both regulatory and strategic requirements for each client organisation.


Emergency Management Planning services include:


Site Profiling

The physical features, systems and organisational management structures are reviewed to establish site specific emergency management requirements. Responsibilities and procedures are developed in response to the site profile and range of potential emergency situations.


Emergency Planning Structures

Emergency response structures are developed that reflect operational capabilities and resources. Specific emergency management roles and responsibilities are established and appropriately link with escalation policies, Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans.


Comprehensive Documentation

Practical and user-friendly documentation is developed detailing how emergency response is handled at each site. Individual emergency management responsibilities are outlined with clear, practical and succinct guidelines for the Warden team including Emergency Procedure Diagram/Sign (Evac plan).